What does  AOWAY mean? 

The Australian Only Way

“AO” is pronounced ‘OW’ Way

What is AOWAY?

Aoway was conceived, created and developed by Australians. It's Australia's first, independent, online platform to Asia, allowing ecommerce & social interaction to drive trade between Australian premium food producers and consumers across the Asian region.

We are an end to end solution, with 100% owned and managed logistics and a proven cold chain solution, direct to the consumer. We provide premium producers of perishable food & beverage with direct access to the Asian market via fully transparent platform, bringing customers in the Asian region to your cellar door.

We want to showcase Australian producers and suppliers – they are the heroes of our interactive platform. Engage with consumers and businesses in the Asian region, share passions, request feedback, access market intelligence, open your cellar door to more than one billion online consumers in the Asian region.

We use the IoT to both provide transparency throughout the end to end logistics solution (track/trace/temp), and to showcase our producer heroes via live feed, personalise themselves, their operations and the beautiful regions of Australia.

Mission, values and vision

We are an L-Commerce channel, LIFESTYLE ECOMMERCE, and our mission is to use Australia’s love of food, family and the unique regions where premium produce originates, to bridge the cultural divide between Australian producers and consumers in the Asian region. We have built a platform that allows Australian producers and consumers in Asia to interact, trade, consume and share our respective passions for quality food and experiences.

Our advantage and expertise

>  We are Australian

>  We go DIRECT to countries in Asia

>  Our platform is pre-order

>  We track your product and control the brand in country

>  We conserve price premium for brand owners and suppliers

>  We go direct to consumer

How does it work?

We offer premium, fresh and perishable Australian food on our platform for our customers in Asia to purchase directly. All they need to do is place their order through their mobile phone and we will fly their order of premium, fresh produce directly to their home or business.

In addition to running our own independent, online platform, we have our own logistics network, providing clearance, packing and delivery. It’s a one stop shop for our customers in Asia, so they are assured, that their purchase is always fresh and always 100% Australian.